Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Beer Butt Chicken

This was a recipe from my dad. He loves recipes that sound like jokes. Butt this chicken is so good, it's not even funny!
  • a whole chicken
  • a whole sweet onion
  • a can of great beer
Quarter the onion and stuff it into the neck of the chicken. Pour half the beer into a glass for drinking while you grill; you should never cook with alcohol you wouldn't drink - and I LOVE Leinenkugel's!! Mmmm...

Put the 1/2 can of beer into the cavity of the chicken. I used this handy chicken-footed stand, but it is not necessary. I rubbed the chicken in ground rosemary and sea salt. You can use what ever spices you like. Put the chicken on the hot grill and cover. It takes about an hour to fully cook.

It is a tender, flavorful chicken - a gourmet chicken with a funny name.

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